Single Tooth Dental Implants

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Designed to resemble and function like a natural tooth, a dental implant offers a stable and authentic option for tooth replacement in the UK, with a titanium peg or post serving as the new root, supporting a lifelike prosthetic tooth above it.

What is a single tooth dental implant?

A single tooth dental implant is designed to replace a single missing tooth or one that requires extraction. Made up of a titanium peg simulating the root and a prosthetic tooth affixed atop it, single tooth dental implants closely mimic the genuine article.

Why choose a single tooth?

Among various replacement options discussed during an initial consultation, single tooth dental implants stand out for their ability to provide similar stability and function to a natural, healthy tooth. Additionally, they boast a natural appearance, enhancing one’s smile.

What is the treatment journey like?

The placement of single tooth dental implants typically involves multiple appointments, and the treatment journey can span from a few weeks to a few months.

How do I take care of a single tooth dental implant?

Fortunately, caring for a dental implant closely resembles the regimen for natural teeth. Therefore, regular brushing twice daily, consistent flossing, and periodic check-ups at Nuvo Dental Dawlish Centre ensure optimal upkeep as required.