Root Canal Treatment

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At Nuvo Dental Dawlish, we understand that root canal treatments have had a negative reputation over the years. However, with the availability of local anaesthetic to numb the tooth before treatment and our experienced team, there’s no place for such misconceptions here.

What is a root canal treatment?

Root canal treatments are aimed at addressing infections located within the root or ‘pulp’ of the tooth. These infections typically stem from advanced tooth decay but can also result from a faulty filling or a fractured tooth.

What are the symptoms of dental pulp infection?

While some infections may manifest without pain, an infected dental pulp typically presents with severe discomfort and pain.

Why do I need a root canal treatment?

If deemed suitable, a root canal treatment offers a viable option to salvage an infected tooth.

What happens during the treatment?

We administer a local anaesthetic to ensure the treated area is numb, ensuring your comfort throughout the procedure. Subsequently, we proceed to cleanse the inner canals of the tooth, meticulously reducing the infection before further cleaning and disinfection.

Following this, a rubber-like material is utilised to seal the inner canals, minimising the risk of infection recurrence. Typically, we recommend the placement of a crown to safeguard the tooth post-root canal treatment.