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When your teeth require repair, Nuvo Dental Dawlish offers a professional service for applying a filling. Fillings are a commonly administered dental treatment, aiming to restore and repair teeth affected by cavities.

What constitutes a cavity?

A cavity manifests as a hole in the tooth, resulting from decay or sometimes injury.

How do I determine if I need a filling?

Our team at Nuvo Dental Dawlish Centre typically identifies cavities during check-ups, sometimes before symptoms arise. If you experience toothache, pain when chewing, or heightened sensitivity, it may indicate cavity progression towards the nerve of the tooth.

What materials are used for fillings?

Historically, fillings comprised metal amalgam, known for its durability and still in use today.

Additionally, we offer cosmetic white fillings made of composite material. These tooth-coloured fillings blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, offering durability comparable to traditional fillings.

What does the treatment involve?

Filling procedures typically conclude in a single appointment lasting approximately an hour. The clinician may administer local anaesthetic for comfort, ensuring a pain-free experience.

Following decay removal and thorough cleaning, the filling is applied. After setting, you can leave our practice with a fully restored tooth.