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Damaged and decayed teeth can be repaired in a natural-looking way with crowns. Restore your smile naturally with crowns at Nuvo Dental Dawlish Centre. Acting as protective caps, crowns repair heavily filled, broken, or cracked teeth, preventing further damage while restoring function and structure.

Why might you need a crown?

We recommend crowns to repair teeth damaged by decay, injury, or trauma. Crowns can also enhance the function of a tooth after root canal treatment, bridgework, or large fillings. They are versatile solutions for addressing minor imperfections like chips, gaps, or discoloration.

What are crowns made of?

While traditional crowns were crafted from precious metals like gold, modern options include non-precious metals and ceramics. Ceramic crowns closely match the natural tooth colour, ensuring a seamless, aesthetically pleasing result.

What is the treatment process?

Crown placement typically involves two or more appointments. During the initial visit, we prepare the tooth, take digital scans, and send them to a dental laboratory for crown fabrication. Upon completion, you return to have the crown fitted, ensuring proper bite and fit before cementing it in place. Leave our practice with a fully restored tooth and a confident smile.