Composite Bonding

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Composite bonding is a rising trend in cosmetic dentistry, offering a blend of dental expertise and artistic finesse to enhance tooth shape and symmetry. During your consultation at Nuvo Dental Dawlish, we’ll explore if composite bonding suits your needs. Experience a preview of your potential smile with a temporary application before making your decision.

Can this treatment improve tooth alignment?

For overlapping or crowded teeth, thicker composite may be required, potentially leading to food trapping and gum issues. We may recommend teeth straightening before bonding for a natural, durable outcome.

How does composite bonding work?

Crafting your unique smile involves applying soft composite over clean teeth, skilfully shaping it, and setting it with UV light. Our commitment to using premium materials ensures quality results.

How do I maintain my treatment?

Preserve your new smile with regular aftercare. Since the added composite is thinner than natural enamel, it demands attentive upkeep. Maintenance appointments, combined with routine dental checks and hygienist visits, extend the longevity of your bonding.

How much does it cost?

Composite bonding starts from £250 per tooth

  • Initial consultation fee and treatment plan with Dentist £100
  • Tooth whitening -from £350
  • Composite bonding – from £250 per tooth
  • Maintenance appointments – from £200 per session
  • Hygienist visit (standard clean) – from £70

With 0% finance options composite bonding costs can be spread out over 12 monthly payments* subject to status and availability.