All-On-Four/All-On-Six Same Day Teeth

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For a comprehensive solution to multiple missing or damaged teeth, visit our Nuvo Dental Dawlish Centre for All-On-Four/All-On-Six Same Day Teeth.

This innovative procedure enables us to replace an entire arch of teeth in just one session. By utilising top-tier dental implants to substitute the tooth’s root, four or six titanium pegs are simultaneously replaced, with the fixed teeth affixed atop for a secure, contented smile.

What are the advantages of All-On-Four/All-On-Six Same Day Teeth?

  • Reduces the number of appointments and saves time for the patient
  • Offers a sturdy replacement for multiple missing or damaged teeth
  • Can replace uncomfortable or poorly fitting removable dentures
  • Aids in supporting facial structure
  • Assists in promoting jaw bone density and health
  • Provides a completely natural appearance
  • Can replace an entire arch of teeth at once

How does the procedure work?

Instead of utilising 6-10 implants to replace a full arch of teeth, this method strategically places 4-6 implants in the jaw to safely and securely support a complete arch of prosthetic teeth with fewer implants.

What is the treatment process?

Implants are typically inserted under local anaesthesia to ensure comfort throughout the procedure. All four or six implants are placed during a single visit. Following placement, a temporary dental prosthetic is applied, allowing you to depart the practice with your new smile intact. After a month or two, you return to have your customised prosthetic fitted.